Jay Muro

Jay Muro

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First Name * Jay
Last Name * Muro
Username * Chicano3000X3
Country * USA
City Los Angeles
Nationality Mexican
Languages Spanish



Availability: student


Since I can remember, I always enjoyed drawing. When we got our first PC, I started messing with MS Paint. Eventually we got photoshop.

After we got our second computer about 5 years ago. I found a free 3d application on the internet known as "Anim8or"..

That was when I was first introduced to 3d modeling and animation.

Now, after graduating from High School about a year ago. I am going to college.

I really want to get into either game design, or work with movies for special effects and other cg stuff..
I really like seeing other people's work, this site has alot of great cg artists here. :)